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Hello there!
It's nice to see my website is still up & running, hopefully it'll still be up three, five, or even ten years from now.

I don't do Crysis anymore due to there being no community (Crytek destroyed it by deciding to no longer support the game). I'm hoping to create an unofficial Crysis Wars 2 game sometime, it'll be interesting if I've done it by the time I've read this again (which, coincidentally, will probably be a long time from now).

It's been a good run, and I'll never forget my time as a server owner/modder in this game.
The world has moved on, and so have I.

Alexander Stopher (aka, Confl!ct) - 14/10/2015

You can still find me on Steam, Skype, & Stack Overflow:


Oh hi, it's 7/3/17 now. Is this going to turn into some sort of mural where I write notes about a dead game every two and a half years? Probably.
I now run Wildfire (wfstat.us), which has exactly 1,500 users (started Jan '16, so a long while since my last message). Time is getting on and by September I'll either have closed Wildfire (a sad day) or obtained funding for it so I don't have to pay for it myself while I complete my Games Technology course that I start in September '17.
I plan to complete the current iteration of the Wildfire website (its biggest version to date) and use its control panel to build-on my Aurora gameserver control software- it'll be a base for Nexus Gaming Networks's GSP operation.
I bet I won't actually do that, but you never know. I almost never do the stuff I say I will, but when I do I often find that I out-do myself. Perhaps that'll happen this time.
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Our (very old & dead) server connection I had back in '12:




<a href="http://www.gameservers.com/?ref=1651061" mce_href="http://www.gameservers.com/?ref=1651061">
<img src="http://images.gameservers.com/image_11.gif?ref=1651061" mce_src="http://images.gameservers.com/image_11.gif?ref=1651061" width="728" height="90"></a>